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Dear Colleagues, 

I shall be updating this page regularly with useful information pertaining to respiratory medicine and Interventional pulmonology (IP). IP is a rapidly evolving speciality that has a role in every aspect of respiratory medicine in a diagnostic and therapeutic role. 

I shall post links to download CME talks I have done for GPs

If you would like to know more about any of our services and would like me to visit your practice for a lunch time CME meeting then please contact me via the email above. 

GP CME - Downloads
Talk 1: Lung nodule evaluation update - Full Talk      - One page summary     - Quiz
Talk 2: COPD                                   - Full Talk      - One page summary 
Talk 3: Incidental lung nodule             - Full Talk
Talk 4: AIMA Lung nodules in 30 mins - Full Talk      - One page summary

Role of Interventional pulmonologist, Dr Lokesh Yagnik, Perth, Respiratory physician, lung cancer, lung nodule
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