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I am passionate about delivering high quality, holistic patient centered care. I believe in teaming up with GP and non-GP specialists for collaborative delivery of care to cater to the patient needs and priorities.

  • I shall assess all referrals and arrange timely review. If you have an urgent referral please contact me 

  • If you haven't recieved a summary letter/communication from me then please contact me.  

  • If your patient is facing financial hardship then please indicate it on your referral and I shall make the necessary considerations. 

No gap for procedures. 

Please feel free to call me anytime to discuss your patients needs and clarify any doubts or concerns. You can contact my secretary 0432807009 and she can pass on my personal mobile. I request it not be shared to patients without my consent. 

Please feel comfortable enough to provide any feedback on how we can do anything better. I value your input. 




Phone:   0432807009

Fax:      08 61021729

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